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Halloween Horrors
Scary Statues to make you Scream

In the dark of night to chill your bones

our bloodcurdling statues will enter your homes.

A frightening sight you will approve,

when you ask "did that graveyard angel just move?

I'm sure it did... this is too scary"

this is how we catch the unwary.

Our devilish demons are all from hell sent

and we will bring evil into your event!

Halloween monsters are from myth and speculation,

but we can bring them to life with our bespoke costume creation!

If you need a good scare, get in touch with David and Pamela to book a spooky statue for your next event - our creative team can design statues for any characters you require.

Spooky Halloween Living Statue.png

Get in Touch Now
to book a Spooky Statue for your next Event

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